Back, neck & shoulder massage (45 mins) £25.00

Legs and feet (45 mins) £25.00

Full body massage (1hr 15 mins) £35.00

Indian Head Massage

Back, neck & shoulder massage (45 mins) £25.00

Legs and feet (45 mins) £25.00

Full body massage (1hr 15 mins) £35.00

Guaranteed to lift away every day stress and tension in the shoulders, neck and scalp leaving you to feel balanced and peaceful. It can help to relieve physical stress, sinus problems, migraines, eye strain and help induce sleep. Improves joint mobility and flexibility in the neck and shoulders. Stimulating the scalp can help with hair-loss.



Indian Head Massage (45 mins) £25.00

Hopi Ear Candles

This treatment is extremely beneficial for a wide range of problems including blocked ears, sinus problems, colds, hay-fever, headaches, migraines, coordination, stress, tension and also helps the clearing of ear wax.

A light suction (chimney effect) and the movement of the flame create a vibration of air in the ear candle, generating a massage like effect on the ear drum.

*Including a face and scalp pressure point massage.



Hopi Ear Candles (45 mins) £25.00


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Swedish Body Massage 

Swedish Massage manipulates the soft tissue of the body, producing heat and stimulating the muscular, vascular and nervous system. Helps to increase the blood supply to the muscle, skin and to improve the efficiency of the lymphatic system by increasing drainage to the lymph nodes. Massage techniques can have a relaxing or invigorating effect and create a feeling of well-being. Reduce stress, tension, induce relaxation and deep tissue detoxification


Aromatherapy Massage

A combination of massage techniques are used to help revitalise, rebalance or relax. To help relieve stress and tension using pure essential oils blended to your individual needs.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a form of body work that uses Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage techniques specifically adapted to deal with the effects of intense physical exertion on the body. Its primary purpose is to ease stiffness and pain in both muscles and joints, increase mobility in muscles and joints, warm muscles and connective tissue prior to exercise and help in removing toxins and lactic acid after a work out.

Back, neck & shoulder massage (45 mins) £27.00

Legs and feet (45 mins) £27.00

Full body massage (1hr 15 mins) £37.00


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